A Gift from Heaven

I don’t know how it could be happened. I thought He just knew what I want for my QQ. It’s  just a little thing. Just a box of coloured pencils for my QQ. But the time when He has given to me… wow it is a miracle. I always dub it as a gift from heaven. Funny? Perhaps… but it is true, really really happened.

I have a will to buy a box of coloured pencils for my QQ cause she is almost 3 years old. I thought its the time for her to learn how to colour a picture. I didn’t buy it yet when the gift has come. Yeaaahh, I just smile while looking at above… just a ceiling 😀 And say to myself, “Thanks God, You always know what I want. And You give it at the right time.”

She’s got it when she went out with her grandmother at Taman Pintar. A little picnic for her. It is a present from C********T, sorry sensored. Actually I don’t know what the truth is, a present or a doorprize.

You can say its just a lucky or something commonly happened. And its  a way how He cares to me and how He ‘speaks’ to me, at least those are in my opinion 😉


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